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    What Our Customers Are Saying
“These KENWOOD radios change our ability to communicate. I can reach anyone without a problem. Before we had that reliability, we had lag time and that cold be serious for us as first responders.”
“With KENWOOD NEXEDGE digital radios, our public safety channels have the security blanket of no one talking over them. It’s exclusive.”
“Adequate radio communications is critical for public safety during an emergency. An important question in any after action review is whether or not the lines of communications were open. Did the communications plan work or didn’t it?”
“With KENWOOD radios, now I can reach campus administrators and officers consistently. This is important.”
Lt. Casey Davis, Emergency Management, Cypress-Fairbanks ISD Police Department
“You can’t beat a two-way radio. You cannot manage a critical incident with a cell phone. Been there, tried that. It’s impossible. No more game of telephone, when meanings gets changed as the message goes from person to person. It’s right there, live. With a radio, everyone knows the same thing, at the same time, the exact same message, and, no dropped calls.”
“I have been pleasantly surprised with the excellent coverage and how the radios hold up. They may be economically priced, but they are not built that way. We’re three years into this system and I’ve not replaced radios. Facility guys are hard on radios and we are simply not having to replace these KENWOOD radios.”
“JVCKENWOOD understands that we are a school district. We are a public-school district. We don’t have gold bars laying around. Here’s the decision we made. We can get a system that performs better than the others available, but this one is less. It’s an easy decision to buy KEN- WOOD.”
Kevin Wren, CSSM, Risk, Security and Emergency Management Rock Hill School District, Rock Hill, SC

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